To get the Copies of Land Records
  • Department Concerned
    Revenue Department: concerned Patwari or Kanungo

  • Scope of Service
    i. Any interested person can have copies of the Land Record after paying the required fee.

    ii. As Punjab Land Record Manual, in Para No.3.48 copies of the same can be had through V.P.P.

  • Eligibility Conditions
    For required Copy of Land Record must be fall in concerned Tehsil and concerned Patwari.

  • Verification Procedure
    Patwari has all Original Record. After going through the Original Record copies can be issued.
  • Addresses of Concerned Officers
    Concerned Patwari or Kanungo Office.
  • Sanctioning Authority

  • Grievance Redressal System
    Tehsildar/ Naib. Tehsildar

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
    Inspite of attached table Patwari should not issue any copy.