Copy of Jamabandi / Khasra Girdawari
  • Department Concerned
    Revenue Department: Office of Patwari

  • Scope of Service
    Copy of Jamabandi / Khasra Girdawari- of Any kind -relating to any period.

  • Eligibility Conditions
    i. No need of submitting an application.

    ii. Required copies can be had from Patwari after paying Requisite Fees even without submitting an application.


  • Verification Procedure
    In current Jamabandi all the new mutation must be incorporated while issuing Jamabandi copy.

  • Prescribed Time Schedule
    No fixed time. However, copies of Jamabandi/ Khasra Girdawari must be issued immediately.When Khasra Girdawari is
    continuing, the copies are to be issued after 15 days of its completion.

  • Addresses of Concerned Officers
    Concerend Patwari
  • Grievance Redressal System
    Tehsildar/ Naib. Tehsildar

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
    Care must be taken in regard to notes given in the remarks committed column of Jamabandi mentioning details of attested mutations, Fard Badar or any other kind of note. Any change of rights in Khasra Girdawari must be reflected in the copy.