Land Records

Land Records for your property are usually held with the Patwari of the district. His contact details can be found in our Patwari Directory.


A further copy of the record can be found at the Local Teshil.



The proceedure for the sale of land is thus:


A sale is agreed between two parties.


A patwari is required to identify the property and its owners, and their right to sell. The patwari will check his records to ensure all authorised owners are present, and that everyone is agreed with the sale.


It may be that their is a bank involved too, as a mortgage may have been taken out on the property. Again the bank will be notified.


Official stamp paper will needto be purchased, onto which a solicitor will place all the details of the property and the parties involved.


This completed stamp paper, detailing the agreed sale will be check and stamped by the Patwari, with his authorising signiture. All parties concerned, including Numberdar and witnesses will sign the document.


A further Official Stamp paper (6% of sale price) will detail the sale and be forwarded to the relevant Goverment tax office. This document is refered to as the Intqal, and will officially complete the sale with the new owners details for the land Registry Office.


The Patwari will send copies of both documents to the Teshil for filing. This will now be computerized and available for you to inspect via a computer.


Once Land Records have been computerized within your locality, they will be available to view and printout.


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