Registration of Property Document
  • Department Concerned
    Revenue Department (Revenue department)

  • Scope of Service
    i. Document which are covered under Sec.17 of the Registration Act.

    ii. For documents which are covered under Section 18of the Registration Act, the registration is optional.

  • Step by Step Procedure
    Any document has to pass through the following four stages for its registration.
    i. Purchase of the Stamp Paper.

    ii. Execution

    iii. Presentation of Document for Registration

    iv. Registration of the Document and its Maintenance in the Record Room.

    i. Purchase of Stamp Paper
    Stamp papers are purchased in the name of "seller" or holder of power of attorney of the seller. Stamp-vendor must sign on the back. If the stamp paper is purchased from the treasury, then some official of T.O. must sign on its back.

    ii. Execution
    Seller-Purchaser or mortgagor-mortgagee, Nambardar and witness put their signatures on it after it has been written.

    iii. Presentation or Document for Registration
    When the document is presented before the registering officer he, after verifying the document that it is in order, gets signature of the seller-purchaser or mortgagor- mortgagee etc. Namberdar and witness on the back of it in his presence. He puts Wasika Nos. -Bahi nos.- Jild nos. and date on the document and registers it.

    iv.Registration of Document and its maintenance in the Record Room
    After registration of a document, its one copy is maintained in the office as record.

    Registration of a Will
    i. Any person can appear before the registering officer to get his will registered. The registering officer will satisfy himself that the testator is not a minor an idiot or a lunatic. He is not being exploited due to his illness or old age.

    ii. Under sec.40-41 of the Registration Act 1908, the will can be registered even after death . The registering officer will satisfy himself that

    a. The will is presented by a person who is entitled to do so.

    b. The testator is dead.

    c. The will was executed during the life time of the testator.

    d. These facts are confirmed by publication in newspaper.

    Refusal to Register the Deed
    In case the person executing the deed gives his denial or a person executing the deed is a minor, an idiot or a lunatic then the registering officer can refuse to register the deed. He will record the reasons for refusal in Book No.2

  • Verification Procedure
    Original record is with the Patwari/office Kanungo. The extracts of Land record are issued only after verification from the original record.

  • Fees

    Description of Registration Fees and Percentage of Stamps according to Documents
    Type of Documents
    Percentage of Stamps
    Registration Fees
    Sale deed
    6% of Full Cost
    1% of Full Amount to a maximum of Rs.10000/-.
    Mortgage with possession
    4% of the Total Cost
    1% of Full Amount to a maximum of Rs.10000/-.
    Gift Deed
    6% of the Total Cost
    1% of Full Amount to a maximum of Rs. 10000/-.
    Mortgage without Possession
    2% of the Total Cost
    1% of Full Amount to a maximum of Rs.10000/-.
    Mortgage for Agriculture purpose or for land Mortgage Loan
    Cancellation Fees
    General Power of Attorney
    Special Power of Attorney
    Trust Deed
    Adoption Deed

  • Sanctioning Authority
    Sub Registrar/Joint Sub Registrar
  • Grievances Redressal System
    Concerned Sub Registrar

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
    Difference between Mortgage and mortgage without possession may be seen.

  • Common Problems Faced by Government
    It takes more time to register a document using Computer there for qualified and experienced Computer
    Operators should be appointed.