Right of Information Act

From the comfort of your home, with the aid of emails and telephones, we can source the information you require regarding your land / property in Punjab.

We have established contacts within the Land Records Departments within the relevant Government offices, and are prepared to do all the legwork and communication required to get you the information, for a small fee.

Please fill in the request form detailing your needs, and we will contact you to discuss it in more detail.

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Bhoomi Kiosk

Right to Information Act 2005, has an important economic dimension, as it embraces not only political freedom but also the freedom to lead a life with dignity, unfettered by domination and discrimination.


The Bhoomi Kiosk (pic opposite) have been installed in several states across India,allowing farmers can collect their Land records. The future of computerized Land Records will ultimately be available in the Punjab too.

Computerized Land Record

Anti Coruption Bureau

It is now more widely recognised that, giving or taking bribes is an offense, and can be substantially reduced by threatening to report them. Again, this breach of your rights can be reported direct to the police, who will deal with it within strict and efficient guidelines.