Powadra SUDHAR Committee

The POWADRA SUDHAR COMMITTEE was founded on the 16th June 2012.


Its primary objective was to provide a Waste Water drainage solution for All the peoples of Powadra.

Powadra Sudhar Committee

Back Left to Front right - Jasbir (Sutton Coldfield)), Salakan (Dudley), Kashmira (Coventry), Amerjit (Wolverhampton), Makhan (Coventry), Sital (Wolverhampton), Paloo (Coventry), Gurmej (Coventry), Kalsi (Coventry), Ajit (ex-Sarpanch, Coventry), Sohan (Coventry), Surinder (Founder - Wolverhampton) and not in picture but present at meeting was Ajit (Masanda - Coventry).

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Powadra is a village which has a great reputation but finds itself falling behind.

One major concern to those habitants and visitors is the state of the waste and drainage. The pind has two swamps which have accumulated the waste, but its maintenance has severly deteriated. Subsequently it has lead to an increase in infestation and desease.


Before any future projects are persued for the improvement of the pids welfare, it is neccersary to resolve the waste problem.


Over the last few years, a number of local villages have carried out contruction to fit pipes and connections, thus resolving these issues. We too must do this.


It is planned that a Waste Drainage System be investigated to include each and every household in the village.


The committee will:


  • Communicate with all the villagers and work with them to build a viable plan to resolve the Waste Drainage System.
  • Communicate via websites and facebook / Twitter to all persons connected to Powadra, seeking their support. It is essential that all concerned are aware that there are a number of ways to support and are NOT always financial.
  • Ensure that no one person connected to the village will be left out, regardless of age, sex, race, religion or caste.



Future Meetings

Saturday 30th June 2012, 2pm at GNP Gurudwara, Coventry


At this meeting we will discuss:


  1. The progress of communicationof the 'Objectives' to all connected to Powadra
  2. The nomination of Committee members
  3. The enrollment of members
  4. The set up of financial Bank Accounts for gathering donations
  5. The identification of key technical skilled individuals, and their enrollment
  6. The initial Plan of action and area maps detailing the information / works.
  7. The reporting of relevant feedback / requests for information
  8. Any other business
  9. Actions
  10. Date of next meeting and Agenda