Powadra, Punjab, India
Powadra, Punjab, India








Gurudawara Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib, Powadra


This Gurudwara is situated at a distance of 7 Km from Bilga Railway Station and 16 Km West of Phillaur town on Phillaur-Talwan Road in Village Powadra.

The Seventh Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Har Rai Ji made a brief halt at this place, while on his way from Kartarpur and NurMahal towards Malwa region.

Baba Godri Karier, Powadra


This temple is placed at the spot where Baba Godri used to pray.

He was one of a group of holy men that was baptised into Sikhism by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

It was said they sacrificed their lives in a battle with Muslim oppressors, trying to free a kidnapped Bride returning from her wedding.


Minder S Dosanjh (Wolverhampton) build this gate in memory of his father who died dfending the village POWADRA from attack.

The gate is located north of the village, on route to Bilga, and is shown on the map of Powadra.

This is the view of 'Phillaur - Talwan Road', in the direction of Phillaur.

You can see the Water tower ahead and the Ravi Daas Gurudwara to its left.

A closer view of Powadra, as approached from Talwan, down the Phillaur - Talwan Road, in the direction of Phillaur.

A view right from the Phillaur-Talwan Road, showing shops to the left and the Baba Godri Karier Gurudwara behind it.

This shows the view of the water tower to the right of the Phillaur-Talwan Road, in the direction of Talwan from Powadra. It also shows the contruction of a new Kothi in Powadra.

Tara S Dosanjhs Family home in Powadra

Piara S Dosanjh and Gurmeet K Dosanjhs Family Home, in Powadra

Mohan S Dosanjh Family home, in Powadra

Side view of Mohan S Dosanjhs family home, in Powadra

Sohan S Dosanjh and Bhajan K Dosanjhs Family Home in Powadra.

Picture shows Lehmber S Sihan and Samraaj S Dosanjh

Komal S Dosanjhs family home, in Powadra

Amarjit Cumber's KOTHI