Jatherdar Bhai Bir Singh Ji


Freedom fighter Jathedar Bhai Bir Singh Ji former jatehgar of Thakhat Shree Kesgrag Sahib ANANDPUR SAHIB WAS BRON IN 1891 IN VILLAGE POWADRA ..you were the fully competent players pf talwar waji , gatka ...after the Jallainwala Bagh incident in 1919 during the war of freedom/independence of the country against the british ruler .. you left the numbardari in year 1921 under protest aginst...the julam /dhak ke brithsh govt and in the year 1921..when a world was held at village Rurka Kalan. he declared Bhagawat against the birtsh govt. He received three years imprisonment and a fine of Rs300. You paid the fine Rs300 but remamind in distt Multan jail (now in pakistain) for three years. Then two years in the jail of mint guary (now in pakistain) and one year in Jalandhar (punjab). Afterwards he remained under house arrest for another 5 years. He was the big Jetehdar of Doaba area and at the time he lead the sikh panth. He lived an honest life and worked for freedom of our country. After getting independence, he scarified his life 13th may 1949 after struggling against the british ruler in the jail/kaal kotherian. This photo was fixed in the center sikh muesum at amristar..